Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Anxiety and College

You might have noticed that I haven't been posting much recently, this is due to the fact that I discovered that I have anxiety. I found out this year during the middle of the semester why I am also so worried and stressing about things that I can easily get done. I have always been an over-thinker, but having anxiety has meant that the reasons behind the things that I do have actually clicked into place. I decided to see a counselor this year after things were getting progressively worse. Things such as going to the library or picking up a test paper were almost to hard. I always struggled with not knowing the proper way of doing things and feeling like nobody tells you these things yet everyone else seems to know. I now realise that they don't but most likely just don't care enough to worry about it for hours on end like I do. 

Managing my anxiety at college is hard, I have always been a very organised person (which in hindsight is most likely because of my anxiety) but I still find it hard to not try to be perfect, to not let things that are not that important get to me. I am still working on this but I thought that I would share a list of things that help me deal with the pressure of college and the pressure that I put on myself.

My first suggestion is to be organised. Make lists. Write it down. Know what you have to do first and what you can leave for a while. I do this by using planners, and calendars. I find that it also helps to separate all of the big things into little manageable tasks. This therefore makes it feel achievable and makes it seem like you are on track. I find that also making a weekly plan using my weekly planner also allows me to see everything that I need to do that week at once. 

 My next tip would be to be healthy, eat well and exercise. I find that just doing a quick workout can help me maintain focus and to stay calm. It doesn't have to be much just a 15 minute walk has the same effect. I also find that there is a link between foods and anxiety. If I start to feel a little anxious I will eat a banana. This is because they contain magnesium which helps with anxiety as well as sleep. Also once a day I take a magnesium tablet, because there are links between low magnesium levels and anxiety.

The next thing that I suggest is to do something that you enjoy, something to take your mind of whatever it is you are anxious about. For me this is baking. I find that when I am baking I get lost in concentration over the recipe that I don't have time to think about whatever it was that I was worried about. However I do find that I bake quite often for this reason, and refined sugar is not that amazing mixed with my anxiety so I make sure that if I eat any I do a workout as well. But mainly I bake for the love of it not so much the actual product. The above recipe is ANZAC biscuits.

Have you struggled with anxiety? Is there anything that you find helps with anxiety? What sort of things do you like to do to take your mind off it?

Monday, February 15, 2016

2016 Calendar

I realise that we are halfway through February already but I have had so much on, that I decided I needed to take a break from this blog for a little while. It's great to be back, and I am really sorry to all of you that I haven't posted any new content in four months but the reasons I needed the break were more of a priority to me than this blog is.

So anyway following the trend of last year I am going to share my 2016 Calendar with you again. I want to thank everybody who downloaded it and used it as it makes me so happy that I can make something that can benefit others. As well as brightening up their life and making them a little bit more organised.

The calendar is slightly bigger than last years, it uses more of the page allowing more room for writing. the calendar includes all 12 months of 2016 (yes I realise that two are almost useless now). So I hope that you enjoy.

You can download the calendar here.

How is your new year going? Tell me how I can improve on this calendar for next year? Is there anymore printables that you feel would be great for college organization?

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

My Stationery Essentials

I like to write my notes with a pen and paper. Call me old fashioned but I find that I can scribble stuff down faster than I could with a laptop, and also that I tend to comprehend more of what I physically write than what I type. This means that I need pens that can write nicely and without smudging.

I have issues with pens that smudge as I tend to drag my hand across the paper when I write (similar to left-handed people) which also means that I get blisters on my little finger when I write (as well as ink...). So this is a list of all the pens that I like as well as other items that I find I like to have with me.

Pilot G2-07
I find that these pens have a nice tip that makes my writing look really nice. Although the ink is a little slow to dry I find that it doesn't smudge too much. These pens also have a great lifespan, they usually last me a term at university, so I only go through four a year.

Sharpie Stylo Fine Point
I love felt pens, but for me this is the only one that doesn't smudge. However I find that I go through quite a lot of these. I tend to push quite hard when I am writing which means the the tip disappears quickly.

Stabilo Swing Cool Highlighters
I have used these highlighters since I started high school. They are a nice size and they last forever, I think I have only replaced them three times, and you can buy each colour separately meaning that you don't have heaps of one colour waiting to be used.

Kikki K. Felt Tip Pens
These are slim felt tip pens that I like to use for underling the titles and dates in my notes, as well as writing things in my planner (colour coding duh..). These pens are cheap and last a long time. I would also recommend Stabilo Point 88, but they are not so easy to buy in New Zealand, well you can buy the packs but if one runs out good luck finding just that colour. So I like Kikki K. as they always have replacements.

When I rewrite my notes I like to make sure that the underlining is straight so I always use a ruler. It doesn't have to be a long one I just use a 15cm (5.9in) one.

Post it Flags
I like to use these to flag pages in my textbooks as well as in my notes. I also colour code these.

Post it Notes
These are great for writing little notes, whether it be things to add to my notes, or for notes inside a textbook these have so many great uses that I can't live without them.